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  • IT Security

  • Major company computer network data security breaches are being reported more and more frequently. Business networks both large and small have become targets by some of the most sophisticated, persistent and also thorough attackers.

    Avoid Malicious Activity and Undetected Data Breaches

    You can avoid your business becoming the next casualty of both outside and also internal network security attacks and threats by subscribing to our comprehensive managed security services. We can monitor, protect and also resolve any detected malicious activity on your network and endpoints 24/7. Including database servers, user workstations, and also network firewalls.
    Reducing the risk of successful data breaches on your business network

    Securing your business network is absolutely critical to reduce the risk to your company and client data. You can spend a little now to save a lot later in investigations, clean-up, follow-up and also legal fees associated with a breach of your company network and/or user endpoints or data servers.

    Our Managed Security Services Include:

    • 24/7 Router and AP (access point) monitoring
    • Managed anti-virus solutions for your Workstations and Servers
    • Managed intrusion detection and prevention
    • Comprehensive network security assessments
    • Network and endpoint monitoring
    • Managed software patching services
    • Extensive internal and external vulnerability scanning services
    • Comprehensive Penetration Testing and Network defence services